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Hamsphere: Closer to the Real Thing than you think!

It is a close as you can get to the real thing!


It was Philippine Amateur radio operator, DU-1-UGZ who rekindled my passion for the airwaves. I saw this massive (and expensive) shack and recalled the days with my modified Realistic CB radio and Cobra 2000 GTL with an Astatic Eagle microphone. It was cool. I never went beyond too many bands. CB radio at 11 meters was the start (from a walkie talkie jury rigged to a perfect SWR dipole) then got into 10 meters. Listened into 20 meters then later dabbled in 2 meters and finally 70cms before something called “children” became my only passion. I cared for my kids like I cared for my radios. Fast forward some 30 years later and with no money, but with an itch for the screech and scratch of radio, I tried to barge in. Listening online through”Global Tuners” was the beginning. Then I saw a link for Hamsphere. I tried it and like many of us, never relented.

Whatever possessed 5B4AIT Kelly to come up with Hamsphere I do not know. I should ask him on his blog sometime. But what I do know is the created a world–although over VoIP–that kept passions alive and kindled new ones.

Eagerly awaiting for the DX contest

It is not everyday that I can find the time, or afford the equipment to join a DX contest. Hamsphere opens up the possibility and brings me into the virtual amateur radio world. Hamsphere gives me a wonderful connection! Friends from all over the world!