270 Days to Go Before Hamsphere Runs Out…

Is it Murphy’s Law that “time goes by fast when you are having fun?” Whatever universal law it is, Hamsphere is not exempted.

270 days to go! What! It’s been like I have been on Hamsphere for ages, throwing me back to the years of hissing and screeching from the speakers of my 10-meter converted Cobra 148GTL. The virtual ionosphere is surely not as expansive than the real ionosphere–but it isn’t half as fun, I guess. The parameters are almost the same…the splatters, QRM…will Hampshere divide the DSB so we can get the Daffy Duck quality of Lower Side Band and the intense buzziness of USB?

As the Hamsphere countdown clock goes back to zero, I am saving enough money for the next engagement. It isn’t a lot of money–too little in fact for the fun and camaraderie it brings.

And, I am, with the help of DU1-UKG, Ramon Anquillan, working on acquiring a ham license, Hamsphere continues to be my virtual on-the-air practice session. Thanks to everyone who as introduced SSTV, WeFax and other digital modes, as well as CW which is still beeping in my ear…di-dah-dih (R) as in Right you are!


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